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Meet Sheldon, winner of the famous ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ Golden Racing Trophy. Unfortunately, The Hare Gang aren’t happy about losing the race and will stop at nothing to get their trophy back. If Sheldon wants to survive, he’ll have to run for it! Run Sheldon is a fast-paced, addictive action runner in which you’ll have to help Sheldon the tortoise race to victory and outwit an endless stream of pesky hares.

To aid our hero in his adventures, Run Sheldon features an array of amazing power-ups and items to help Sheldon run, fly, bounce and swim his way to freedom. Collect coins along the way to upgrade Sheldon’s power-ups, buy cool clothing and extra lives.

Beautiful animation, a hilarious cast of characters and fiendishly addictive gameplay combine to make this a game you won't want to put down!


Gorgeous Graphics

Run Sheldon features beautiful cartoon-style graphics that really bring the world to life. Watch Sheldon sprint his way through night and day in an incredible array of environments from green grassland to lush jungles.

Super Playability

As well as it’s easy one button controls, Run Sheldon serves up that has that ‘one more go’ factor in spades, enticing you again and again you to take Sheldon further than ever before.

Packed with extras

Help Sheldon pick up a huge array of power-ups including Bouncing Bubble, Super Wings, Mega Boost, and Glide Power. Collect coins and spend them on special items including the Coin Magnet and Money Doubler. Outwit 10 enemies and build up your ‘ShellPower’ for an extra special boost.

Endlessly Challenging

Face off against over ten types of enemy in the ground air and water over hundreds of challenges and levels.

Super Social

Challenge friends and strangers alike via global Game Center rankings as well as sharing your achievements via Facebook.  

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